WhatsApp Messages Sent By Mistake Can Now Be Deleted

WhatsApp has quietly modified the manner its message deletion feature works. Originally introduced in October, the WhatsApp “delete for everyone” wont to solely permit you to delete messages up to seven minutes once you sent them. WABetaInfo has detected that the newest version of WhatsApp extends that point limit considerably to 1 hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds.

It’s not clear why the limit is currently thus specific, except being 2^12, and also the WhatsApp support pages don’t give any additional information on the point in time. Associate in Nursing hour suggests that you currently have so much longer to delete messages sent by mistake, or will wipe out entire conversations from a friend’s phone. WhatsApp doesn’t have a secret languages possibility like rivals wherever it creates a short-lived conversation that doesn’t keep on sender or recipient devices. this extra time may facilitate additional temporary conversations on WhatsApp

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