The studio decided early on that the best Spidey experience is when Peter’s and Spider-Man’s worlds collide.

You have to experience his private life in the games, not just the cutscenes, said Intihar. When Spider-Man fails, Peter has to succeed, and vice-versa.

Parker is 23 and has been Spider-Man for eight years, so he’s at the height of his powers, Stevenson says. Mary Jane is a reporter for the Daily Bugle and Peter works as a scientist, barely scraping by. His (non-grey-haired) Aunt May is employed by philanthropist Martin Li, the alter-ego of villain Negative Man, setting up plot complications for Parker.

Miles Morales is a friend of Parker, and knowing that he actually wasSpider-Man in the comic’s alternate universes makes his presence intriguing. On that front, Insomniac was less forthcoming.

‘We’re not talking about Miles right now, we’re only talking about Peter, but Miles does have a role in the game,’ said Intihar. Stevenson elaborated a bit more, saying that he’ll give players a “different perspective” on Peter’s daily life.

Gameplay was a big priority too, of course. Marvel’s New York City environment will be Insomniac’s biggest open world ever, giving players plenty of space to explore. The idea was to create a ‘playground for players to use Spider-Man’s powers and play with speed,’ said Stevenson. At the same time, there’s plenty attention to detail, and you’ll see a lot of Marvel Easter eggs, some of which were in the last trailer — look for a Dr. Strange reference and check out the poster in Peter’s room.

The game will take advantage of Spider-Man’s speed and agility, along with his intelligence. ‘We had to nail the swinging, as it’s the most iconic thing about the character,‘ said Intihar. There are also parkour aspects and melee webs that lets Spidey attack villains at close-to-mid distances or pull down objects like scaffolding. Improvisation, between the superhero and what’s around him, will also be a big part of the game.