Instagram Feature Will Allow You To Download Your Own Data

Instagram has unconcealed plans of permitting users to download a copy of their data, in line with a report by Techcrunch. An Instagram spokesperson responded to Techcrunch after the latter published an article regarding the shortage of data portability on the service.

The details of this feature are yet to be finalized and Instagram have not disclosed anything about it at the moment. We do not understand to what extent the company would enable backing up the user information, whether it will be limited to simply letting users download all the photos and videos they have uploaded so far or will they also be getting a backup of all the stories they have archived and all the messages they have sent.

Facebook has had a comprehensive backup facility for several years now, therefore it’s rather unsatisfying it took Instagram this long to do it. It’s no doubt that the move has come as a response to the growing distrust for the company among users, many of which are no doubt looking to take their data elsewhere, or at least away from Facebook.

Instagram locked all the data uploaded to it, with little or no way to download any of it back.
So many third-party services exist which allow you to do it, but the trustworthiness of these services is always a suspect. Fortunately, nobody would need to use these service once Instagram rolls out the feature natively. When exactly that’s purported to happen is as of nevertheless unknown.

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