Instagram and WhatsApp New And Exciting Update

Instagram and WhatsApp new and exciting update have been rolled out and it comes with some great tools accessible to both IG and WA users.

Instagram and WhatsApp new and exciting update are here. The Facebook-owned application has rolled out some new exciting tools that will help the user manage their time on IG, to access this new features; go to profile and tap “ Your Activity” in the setting menu.

The new tools you’d find in the setting menu includes;

Your Activity: Here, you see your average time for Instagram on a device. Tap any bar to see your total time for that day.

Daily Reminder: You can now set a daily reminder to give yourself an alert when you have reached the amount of time you want to spend that day.

Mute Push Notifications: Just tap “Notification Settings” and turn on “Mute Push Notification” to also limit your Instagram notifications.

Your time on Instagram should be positive, intentional and inspiring. These tools will be available globally this week.

The time management update is a good one for IG enthusiasts, I am sure a lot of users are elated about the mini analytics that has been integrated into Instagram.

The version of the new IG update is 59.0. It was rolled out on the 20th of August 2018, and it is about 137 MB of data.

WhatsApp New Update includes;

The other Facebook own application isn’t left out, for iOS users, you can now use Siri (the virtual assistant part of Apple Inc.) to send messages to WhatsApp groups.

Consequently, group voice and video calls are now also available. You can simply do this when you are in a call, by tapping “ Add Participant” icon, Please note that group call support up to 4 total participants.

Finally, the version of this WhatsApp is 2.18.81, it’s about 158MB of data and the update was rolled out on the 5 of August 2018.

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