GTBank 737 Short-codes

GTBank 737 short-codes is all we need for DIY. If you are a GTBank account holder you’d sure be elated, with more shortcodes added to the 737 features. You can now literally do all your online transactions with just a dial of the code on any mobile phone, whether smart or the traditional cellular phone.

*737# is GTbank mobile banking that was developed to foster the Central Bank Cashless Policy. It was aimed at curbing excessive handling of cash in the Nigerian Federation. The policy was established in 2012 by the CBN and it was called Cashless Nigeria.       

The Features of the code includes;

  • Open an Account
  • Reactivate Your Account
  • Funds Transfer
  • Airtime & Data Top-up
  • Check Account Details
  • Bill Payment (Electricity Bills)
  • Create a Transaction PIN
  • SKS Standing Instruction
  • 737 Cashout Service
  • Bill Payment (LCC Toll)
  • Airtime Advance
  • Bill Payment (StarTimes Subscription)
  • Salary Advance
  • Withdraw Cash without your Debit Card
  • Bill Payment (737 Checkout)
  • 737 Fast Track Deposit
  • One Time Password (OTP)
  • Bill Payment (Swift Network Subscription)
  • Enquiries

   The table below summarizes GTbank Nigeria’s 737 short-codes and their uses.

Functions Codes
Account Opening *737*0#
Internet Banking Details *737*6*5*#
Check Account Balance *737*6#
Airtime Purchase for self *737*Amount#
Airtime Purchase for Friend  *737*Amount*Number#
GTbank to GTbank Transfer  *737*1*Amount*NUBAN#(Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number)
GTbank to Other Banks *737*2*Amount*NUBAN#(Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number)
GTbank Salary Advance *737*8*2#
GTbank Generate OTP *737*7#
GTbank Hotlist/Block your Card *737*51*10#
GTbank ATM Request Status *737*6*3#
GTbank StarTimes Payment *737*37*Amount*Smartcard number#
GTbank DStv Payment *737*Smartcard Number#
GTbank BVN/Account Number *737*6*1#
GTbank Loan Balances *737*6*2#
GTbank Card Status *737*6*3#
GTbank Cheque Book Status *737*6*4#
GTbank Internet Banking Login Details *737*6*5#
GTbank Cardless Withdrawal *737*3#
Bill Payment (Swift Network Subscription) *737*50*Amount*4#
Pay Profiled Merchants *737*35*Amount*Merchant Code#

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