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Eight Cameroon’s Athletes Escapes

Eight Cameroon’s athletes attending the Commonwealth Games in Australia have gone missing, the team confirms in a statement on Wednesday. Out of the full team of twenty-four members, 5 boxers and 3 weightlifters have disappeared in the space of 3 days, the statement said.

They left in waves, with 3 going missing on the night of April 8, another 2 vanishing on April 9 before the remaining 3 left at the dark hours on April 10. 2 of the eight left without competing. Team attaché; Simon Molombe said he didn’t expect them to come back. “I do not think they’re going to be back,” Cameroon’s Molombe told CNN Sport, confirming their disappearance had been reported to Australian police. in line with the team statement, the missing athletes are:

  1. Weightlifter Arcangeline Fouodji Sonkbou
  2. Boxer Arsene Fokou
  3. Boxer Christelle Ndiang
  4. Boxer Christian Ndzie Tchoyi
  5. Weightlifter player Hercales Matam Matam
  6. Weightlifter Petit David Minkoumba
  7. Boxer Simplice Fotsala
  8. Boxer Ulrich Yombo

“Most of them departed at night when everyone was sleeping. none is aware of the direction they’d gone,” Cameroon team attaché Simon Lyonga told Seven News.
The athletes’ visa expires on May 15, permitting them to stay another month legally in Australia. David Grevemberg, Commonwealth Games Federation corporate executive, said situation remained a problem for the Cameroon team till the athletes breached their visas.

“It is clearly dissatisfactory that a number of the athletes who have come didn’t compete as scheduled to,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday “I suppose it’s additionally necessary to recollect that these athletes are guests here in Australia and are still within their visas and have the right to travel freely.”

The 2018 Games are currently underway on the Gold Coast in the Australian State of Queensland. They are expected to conclude on Sunday, April 15. Over 4,500 athletes from 71 countries will participate throughout the course of the games, that began on April five, competing for a total of 275 gold medals, it’s not the first time athletes have disappeared during major sporting events like this one. throughout the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, 25 competitors went missing, whereas 26 disappeared during the 2002 Games in Manchester. At London 2012, 7 Cameroon’s athletes disappeared at the Olympics.

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