HiFL: Uni Football League Set To Hit Campuses

  HiFL, an acronym for Higher Institutions Football League, an annual football league designed to engage and showcase exciting sporting talents from Nigeria’s tertiary institutions starting with universities.

   The institutions would be divided into two categories, the South (Atlantic Conference) and North (Savannah Conference). 79 Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) institutions will compete, from which 16 final participants will emerge. The 16 institutions will play a 30 games round of Fixtures over a period of 14 weeks with the Final Four billed for a major stadium in the country.

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Higher Institutions Football League

  A press conference to launch the brand was held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja GRA yesterday. Several sports stakeholders and representatives were on deck to witness the event. Representatives from the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), NUGA, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) and several members of the press were on ground to witness the event.

Speaking for the brand, President of Green White Green Sports and influential sports stakeholder Ahmed Shuaibu Gara-Gombe, in an address at the event, said ‘HiFL is a product of passion, resilience and sacrifice from the PSEM team’.  

He added ‘One of the key focuses of HiFL is to support in the training and retraining of sports journalists, referees and more‘.

NUGA Representative Professor Stephen Amah also spoke at the event. The NUGA Treasurer said: “With HiFL, the nation can now rely solely on it’s universities for its supply of youths for sporting activities”.

The league is scheduled to kickoff by July 2018.

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