Types Of Genotype 

What are types of genotype in human beings, different types of genotype and how many types of genotype we have? 

Blood Types

What is a Genotype and a Phenotype?

Genotype is a set of all genes of the cells (of the body), localized in the nucleus (chromosomes) or in different replicate structures in the cytoplasm (mitochondria, plastids, and plasmids, etc.). Organisms with the same genotype of the system under development in different external conditions may see the arise of sharply distinctive features, that is the type of genotype characterized by the norm of reaction.

Norm of reaction occurs in response to any fluctuations in the environment, where there is the development of an organism. For example, red flowers of the primrose, which are grown at ambient temperatures of 15-20 °C, change into white when kept at an ambient temperature of 30-35 °C and high humidity.

From where do we get our genotypes? The response is from our parents.

Genotype types





Adjusting of the system of a genotype to different conditions determines its ability to survive intensive breeding. Since different species have different genotype adaptability, there is a constant natural selection.

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