President Rihanna Warns Trump Not to Let Puerto-Ricans Die

As elected officials continue to play political chess with the lives of Puerto Ricans in the devastating wake of Hurricane Maria, it’s now up to the people’s president to intervene.

Earlier this week, Rihanna returned her savagery to Twitter to mention Trump in several pointed tweets about sending immediate aid to Puerto Rico on the only place he can’t miss them.

This morning, she made her strongest plea yet that he should save Puerto Rico and

Not let his people die like this,

subtly reminding the president that Puerto Ricans are Americans and therefore his direct responsibility to protect and serve.

Moments later, the White House finally waived the Jones Act, allowing for more relief resources to be shipped to the island. Not in any ways saying Rihanna had any influence over Trump’s decision, but we’re not saying it. Nothing but respect for President Riri.


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