#BBNaija Eviction

Meet The 20 Housemates Of #BBNaija 2018

The last daughter amongst 5 siblings, Nina loves singing and chatting. The 21-year old English and Literary Studies graduate enjoys eating spaghetti and enjoys music by Wizkid. She describes herself as unpretentious and can neither stand proud people or liars.

She is the first of 3 children who says she’ll miss her boyfriend most whilst in the House. She is on a journey of discovery and loves wearing short outfits. She will bring heated conversations and charisma into the House.

Teddy A:
He says he is a “crazy” recording artiste and a graduate of the University of Texas, Teddy A is also known as Badman Teddy. The 29-year old considers his high points to be when his son was born and getting his recording contract. His mum is his best friend whilst his favourite food is pounded yam and egusi soup!

K Brule:
He believes he is “awesome” in every way, he is an upcoming song writer and artist, his hobbies are playing football and watching movies. His mum is super excited about him being a Housemate and he intends to bring his dirty sense of humour to the House. His favourite colour is metallic red. He is 23 years old.

The 23-year old is from Ogun state, quit banking temporarily to be in the house. He is also a photographer who enjoys networking with people and playing football. His favourite food is plantain and eggs, whilst his favourite artiste is Davido. During his stay in the House, he will mostly miss his family and turning up. He will never be caught with a tongue piercing.  

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